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Our theme is fully responsive and very easy to use


PadPressed allows publishers to take their content and make it beautifully formatted for the iPad without the need to go through the app store. Right now PadPressed functions as a WordPress plugin that works with your existing theme to deliver the best browsing experience possible for your readers when accessed from an iPad.

Accelerometer Aware
PadPressed notices the orientation of a reader’s iPad. If a reader is holding the iPad in Portrait mode it displays an article as a single column. If a user rotates PadPressed into Landscape mode, the article automatically formats the columns of the article on the fly.
Touch Navigation
The most important aspect of PadPressed is its 100% design for the tablet touch experience.  Each skin plays to a specific touch dynamic.  SwipePad focuses on swiping to advance and a swipe featured slider.  CoverPad focuses on using flip gestures to go from the cover page and from category to category.
Custom Home Icon
PadPressed allows your readers to add your publication to their iPad’s homescreen.  PadPressed automagically uses your logo and makes the the icon instead of a simple screenshot.  This helps give your publication the effect of feeling like a native application.
Built In Social Sharing
PadPressed comes with built in social sharing that functions just like the built in controls of a native iPad app.  Readers will be able to share your content across Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Tumblr with one simple touch.


Our mission is simple, to make it insanely easy for content publishers of all sizes whether it is a personal blog or the New York Times make their content tablet friendly via the web browser.

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Celador is a classic dessert that will remind you of grandma’s house. Each inhale will swirl sugary strawberries served over shortcake with delicious whipped cream. Finish off the exhale with a refreshing blast of rich vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect dessert. The best thing is, this one is calorie free, so enjoy!


Taste the Lemon Meringue Pie. Mr Meringue E Juice by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is their version of the Lemon Meringue Pie. Tart lemons in a sweet flaky crust is what you will get with every breath.

On inhale, the sweet and tangy lemon flavor will greet your taste buds with a left jab to the chin.  If the inhale was the filling of this vape, the exhale is all about the crust.  Crisp and flaky and oh so buttery warm pie crust is the flavors that leave your mouth with a sweet sense satisfaction.  The combination welcoming and always invites another puff.


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If you are looking for both decadence and refreshment, then you have all the reasons to try out the Loaded Melon Milk Shake. Just like its name suggests, this flavor makes you feel like you are eating fresh melon slices. Every puff would soak your taste buds and as you exhale it gives a creamy finish. Its honeydew melon glides give it a smooth and a crisp taste that quenches your thirst and its melon taste would completely water down your tongue.


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Enjoy the delicious flavor of cotton candy by the hype collections. Whether in a birthday party or at a country fair this flavor would be good company. It is sweet blend of blue raspberry taste and pink strawberry cotton with a strong sugary flavor taste.  On inhale you get a strong fruity breath and the exhale leaves a strong candy taste that you would desire to have over and over again.


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In every successful vape line, there is always one flavor that catapults the brand onto the maps of vape lovers everywhere.  For Beard Vape, that flavor was number 32.  Reminiscent of those younger years at the amusement park, Beard Vape Co No. 32 is a mouth watering cinnamon funnel cake flavor designed specifically to delight the taste buds.

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